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Serfclick is an active advertising and marketing service. We are engaged in attracting new visitors to the web-resources of advertisers. We do not boost traffic using bot programs, all our users are real people.

We offer you to earn money by doing simple actions, for example, viewing advertisers' websites, completing simple tasks, as well as collecting bonuses and earning money by attracting new members.

Paid to visit websites is a popular method of earning money online by getting paid for visiting and interacting with websites. Users sign up for these platforms and are presented with a list of websites to visit. They are required to spend a specific amount of time on each site. In return for their time and attention, users receive compensation in the form of cash, gift cards, or other rewards. To get money for viewing, you need:
1. Follow one of the links on the page Paid To Click
2. Wait for the timer to finish
3. Enter the captcha (so you confirm that you are not a robot)
You can not simultaneously open several pages for surfing!

Your earnings are not limited by anything, the more you show your activity on the site, the higher your income will be. You should also pay attention to the referral program, with its help you can increase earnings at times!

Attracting referrals is one of the ways of passive income. Invite your friends to our project to profit from every work they do. It doesn't matter if the advertiser or performer is your referral. From all operations: crediting funds for completing tasks / passing tests / winning competitions, etc. - you will receive 10%.

Payments are made automatically, that is, you do not need to wait for payment confirmation, the money will be credited to your account instantly. The minimum payout is 0.2 USD. Before you make the first payout, you must purchase any advertising package.

Serfclick pays remuneration to its users from the funds received from advertisers, while the project administration retains a small commission. The site is not a financial pyramid, therefore, the term of our service is not limited by the time frame or the number of replenishment of the project balance. In fact, Serfclick can run indefinitely.

To receive payouts, you need to top up your advertising balance with $3 or more. This amount can be spent on ordering advertisements. This measure serves two purposes: firstly, it guarantees the complete absence of clickers in the system (accounts managed by bot programs that click on all ads and withdraw money to fraudsters' wallets). Secondly, such a system ensures the sustainability of the project through advertising. The service pays more for website views compared to other similar services, which attracts more participants. However, it also means expensive advertising for advertisers. Advertisers are willing to pay a significant amount for quality advertising, provided that there are many participants in the project. To prevent participants from leaving the project due to a lack of advertising, we ask every new user to purchase a minimum advertising package for $3. This measure ensures that there is always a sufficient amount of high-paying work available for participants and encourages them to continue working with us. By topping up your balance with $3 once, you will gain a continuous source of high-paying earnings for life!